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  • 2013 September 10.

    Bilingual training

    The HUSK “Regional Social Folder” project of the bilingual training…

  • 2013 May 22.

    Free romany language classes

    Reducing the language barrier by the lectures of the Romany…

  • 2013 May 22.

    Professional conference Miskolc

    Scientific conference and panel discussion on the topic…




REGSOM – REGSZOM, Košice – Miskolc

The general goal of the project is to highlight the particularities of the regions in focus, and to contribute to the improving of the life conditions of the inhabitants of these regions – through developing the independent activities aiming for the improvement of their competitiveness and their flexibility – by creating educational centres in Miskolc and in Košice – as well as by enlarging the network of specifically-oriented centres.

The next global goal of the joint project is to increase the social cohesion of people and communities living in the common Slovak-Hungarian cross-border region.


The project has several specific goals, such as:


1. The educational goal

2. Creation of the map of the social stratification of the inhabitants of the Košice Self-governing Region and the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County

3. Offering the outcomes of research to the local self-governing authorities and the employment offices

4. Increasing social cohesion of people and communities in the Slovak-Hungarian cross-border region and supporting the exchange of the outcomes of good practice.

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