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Free romany language classes

3. 2. 2013 | 14:45

Reducing the language barrier by the lectures of the Romany language. In the region there is insufficient attention paid to Romany language, although there is a large number of Romany-speaking population. Romany language course lasted four months, participants had 64 teaching hours.  Participants of Romany language course have been selected from the people who work with the members of the Romany community (teachers from kindergarten in Lunik IX, members of the Department of Public Order Police in Košice, social workers working in the settlements, the priest who works in the village and settlement). Lecturer of the course was known expert of Romany language. Now course participants are familiar with the basics of Romany language and this will help to reduce the language barrier, but also supports mutual tolerance and greater mutual acquaintance between majority and minority.



Roma language course – University of Miskolc

Application for participation in roma language course here: Application for roma language course

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