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For social workers


Content reports – Social problems and their solutions – social workers - Download

Content report – Law – social workers - Download

Educational material for social workers – University of Miskolc

Under the project „REGSOF” Regional Social Folder of the „HUSK” Hungary – Slovakia Cross Border Cooperation Programme we are oragnizing educational and bilingual traning for professionals working in the social sphere. More information here: Application for training 1.

Brief summary of the educational material written for social workers

The two working places also participated in the elaboration of such new educational modules, which can be used in practice. The educational modules are composed from the following thematic areas:

1.) Social problems and their solutions

2.) Psychology

3.) Selected chapters from legal system

4.) Active citizenship and inter-sector cooperation

Jointly-elaborated educational modules were used as the basis for creating the Manual for the course participants: Manuál pre účastníkov vzdelávacieho kurzu k projektu REGSOM I. a II. Download the content of the Manual here. 

 70 participants were selected, 30 participants (15 of them from KSK and 15 from BAZ county) were employees in the social sphere (based on the suggestion from the employment office, local self-governments and NGOs), and 40 participants (20 of them from KSK and 20 from BAZ county) were from the disadvantaged groups of citizens (based on the suggestion from the employment office, social workers, local self-governments and NGOs), who will take part in the educational process. The main educational tool for the participants of the course is the jointly-produced Manuál pre účastníkov vzdelávacieho kurzu k projektu REGSOM I. a II. Schedule of the courses is in the section Education .


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